The flexible toolkit, Full of character in your app!

Integrate Messagenius for a full featured instant messaging chat.

Group Messaging

Users can have one-to-one conversations, create private groups or post messages on public walls, bringing together people with the same interests


Bring your community together by integrating our SDK into your Project within just few lines of code.


A turn-key solution to enrich apps with a full-featured chat.

Exclusive One-Tap user experience

Send voice messages, directly from your contact list, in one single smooth movement.
Simply tap and hold on the contact, talk to record, and release to send.
Messagenius is so effective in getting the message across that users are free to talk without looking at the display while multitasking.
Saving time in communication is essential in today’s fast-paced world.



Play all the voice messages with just one input

Facebook Log-in

Access easily with your Fb account

GPS Position

Share your exact location with whoever you want!

Forward Messages

Send your conversations to another chat

Invite Contacts

Your business will get the value of the data and the network effect power


Multi device general support

Perfectly suites in multiple devices


Your users and their data are Safe

Push Notification

Captivate your users with attractive notifications

Faster than a call, smarter than a text.

On smartphone, tablet, PC and smartwatch, one-to-one or in group conversations,
Messagenius is the perfect messaging solution for communities of interest.