Marco Bicocchi Pichi

Mentor & Business Angel

Entrepreneur and start-up board member. Executive Board Member Italia Startup (association).
Business Angel: member of IBAN (Italian Business Angel Network), Business Angel of the Year 2013/14.
Member of IAG (Italian Angels for Growth) from 2008 to 2012.
Strategy and Marketing (Channels, Customers and Branding) expert with Information Technology application knowledge and experience. Management experience in sales and marketing in both B2C and B2B.
Industry experience focus: Retailing, Automotive and Information Technology and Services.
International MBA Nyenrode, The Netherlands Business School, Degree in Economics Turin University.
Innovation Process, International Market Entry Strategy, Business Modeling, Marketing & Business Development, Outsourcing, Retail Marketing Mix, Multi-Channel Strategy, Recruiting & People Development.
Specialties: Strategy design and business transformation, marketing with focus on brand management and customer relationship management, network development and channels, e-business, international business and globalization issues, program management, business development, information technology organization and strategy, outsourcing.